Ethereum classic roadmap

ethereum classic roadmap

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This Is Why Ethereum Classic Doesn't Have A Roadmap
In today's article, by delving into last year's article "Roadmaps and Pathways" by ETC contributor Istoria, we will explore opinions on the. The Ethereum Commonwealth Roadmap is open and defined by the community during the development of Ethereum Classic. Everyone is allowed to create a milestone for. The ECIP process (the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal process) is the method that is used for all ETC ecosystem participants to propose.
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We only know what has been proposed in the whitepaper and Arthur seems to have some good ideas, but I haven't seen the actual protocol and code. DApps should grow in complexity and storage requirements thus to promote the construction of a decentralized database concurrently with the security of the network is a novel solution. Soooo unless there is a clear difference then I'd prefer it goes away. I tend to think you shouldn't be here.